Light Tales




Eclipse • Square Rack

Rack • 16 bottles • 56x56 • Wall Attachment

With Eclipse the light is projected even further beyond the picture. Its linear movement becomes the support of wine bottles and also the illumination of their bodies. The exposure gives a sense of lightness and suspension to the bottles, that rely solely on the light. Designed to enrich interior walls, it becomes a focal point of the room thanks to its combination of light and high quality wood and laminate materials.

Crazy Diamond • Vertical Rack

Rack • 4 bottles • 90x23 • Self Standing •  Wall Attachment

Wine and spirits are presented as the subjects of a work of art within “frames” hand-crafted in fine woods, precious essences and such innovative materials as stone, corten steel, marble and the latest special laminates. The lighting elements in back-lit plexiglas, may be customised both in shape and colour, seeming to create a state of suspension for each bottle that is offered for tasting and marking out the prestige of the label.

Shine on You • Square Rack

Rack •  8 bottles 90x90 • Wall Attachment

Sizes and shapes are studied to furnish wide and partial wall spaces, but also to enhance more limited spaces such as niches, corners and pillars. Each display unit can be made in wall-fixed versions as well as free-standing, according to whether display needs are of a temporary or permanent nature.

Shine a Light Libreria Vino

Soluzione di arredo su misura

The furnishing line “Shine a Light” gives a new meaning to the bookshelf idea, by offering an original furnishing element to create a refined indoor wine atmosphere, elegant living zones and prestigious sales points. All can be completely customised as to size, projected shape, choice of materials and lighting combinations. And so, elegant interior settings can be created that enhance the wine and its world. The whole has a great scenic effect and impact.

Light Tales & Environment

The production and processing cycle of the Light tales collections, entirely done in our company, from the design to the cutting and recovery of noble and sought-after woods that take on new life in our products: The chest of the products is reduced to a minimum with the use of Low environmental impact products, thus reducing to KM 0 every machining.


Entirely handcrafted in Italy, we care for the resources of our territory and respect for the environment.

Light Tales


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